Fill me up, Lord

"You will seek me, & find me when you seek me w/ all your heart," God says. But that is not the whole story. I'm not just a searcher. I'm also a hider. You too. We have to come face-to-face w/ our tendency to hide, to get lost. ~John Ortberg, Love Beyond Reason

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Missed Opportunity

It's lunch time! Well, really it's 2:48ish. I am a little disappointed because I had a real craving for a McDonald's' vanilla ice cream cone, so I indulged and totally enjoyed it. But I want "Sunday Dinner". But I am not hungry. So now no fun lunch? What? A Sunday without a Sunday Dinner?

Dinner = special noon meal
Supper = early evening meal (very casual)
Is this a "last name" family thing?

Maybe hunger will kick in for a fun Sunday supper. I'll try to whoop it up then. Sigh.

*Side note (continuing my recent obsession with blogger spell check): Is it sad that they have "McDonald's" in their dictionary? (I missed spelled it, and the correct name came up.) Weirdness.

Not black & white: Gray for God

Why are people so intent on labeling people?
Po-mo, modern, fundamentalist, evangelical?

Does it really matter?

Let's just have community and be Jesus.

(OK, now that I write this, I forget how having a label just makes me more comfortable whether it is a child's learning disability or dealing with a mental diagnosis, etc.)

Why are human beings so uncomfortable with gray and ambiguity?

Let's just listen to each other.
Not babble to hear yourself speak
& prove that YOU are right and you can't be wrong.
I just spell-checked... I am so proud that I spelled ambguity correctly! I get a sticker! (Or maybe a Sunday nap.)


I am pondering whether I should title this "Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover" or "First Impressions".

First impressions although sometimes erronously made, are nevertheless lasting ones. So be yourself & put forth a positive impression. On the other hand, when you get a facial, and it's a Chinese male without any teeth, hold judgement.

So, the last two weeks I've gotten into this routine of after going to church on Sunday going to Whole Foods.

Reason #1 I love their samples.
Cath- I think you said once that in college when the dorm didn't serve supper on Sunday nights, you and F would just "eat" at Whole Foods.

Reason #2
It forces me to shop for the week. It ensures I have food in the house. I don't know why but when I start running out of food, it never occurs to me to go grocery shopping. I just start eating out for every meal. Until I am so mad at myself for doing that and then "Ding! The refridgerator light in my head turns on, and I go shop. But I usually shop for like 3 weeks worth, and then I run out, and thus the cycle continues. STOP THE INSANTIY! I needed a day of the week to make my shopping a routine in my weekly schedule. But after work I am so exhausted I always want to go straight home. Which leads to #3....

Reason #3
It is right on the way home from church. You can't miss it. There is no way to avoid going by it.

Reason #4
I buy 3 containers of cut up fruit there. Yes, it is a waste of money, but otherwise people I wouldn't be eating fruit, unless you count jello & yogurt as fruit servings.
My current favorite is a mix of blackberries, raspberries, & strawberries. I also get kiwi & strawberries. Last week I tried grapes. Eh. Boring. I NEVER GET MELON unless I am feeling guilty about the price.

Okay back to the beginning of this entry....
A woman kind of cut me off when we were both entering the store with are cart. I apologized and she just kind of scowled and had an ugly look about her. Later I was buying some rolled oats... I saw her getting flax seed, which for some reason has always intrigued me. (Does it have omega-3s? I forget...) Anywho, I asked her if she put it in yogurt or cereal or something. Her face just lit up and smiled and explained she was so used to taking it (1 tbsp. a day) she just swallowed it with water. (Editor's Note: how boring!). But anyway, I assume what feelings other people are having, whereas as a result of the conversation I could see that she was just shy and that was probably why she didn't interact with me earlier. So don't try to intpret other people based on 1 slight collision at Whole Foods. We actually had a nice conversation...

Toward Contentment

"We are surrounded by simple pleasures and the possibility of sipping and savoring our very earthy, very physical lives. Contentment awaits us, inviting us to savor each moment, and in doing so, to honor the God who give us life."
-Lisa Graham McMinn, The Contented Soul: The Art of Savoring Life

One of the Church's Many Bizarre Practices

"We shrank the Lord's Supper into the world's tiniest combo meal that comes with one Chiclet-sized wafer and one nonrefillable thimbleful of Welch's."
-Sarah Cunningham, Dear Church

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Recent musings...

I found it disheartening that former-Gov. Jim Thompson is currently representing former disgraced Gov. George Ryan. (almost said JIM Ryan.... who SHOULD have been GOV.) George... the Supreme Court? Really? Just do your time and get it over with. Yes, you are old. Yes, you have heart problems. But you are not fooling anyone. Just look at yourself in the mirror. You done did evil.

They are ugly. Stop wearing them unless you are under the age of 15. I don't care if they are comfortable. Y'all look like fools! And maybe you don't care.... but you should. It is bad karma to wear those ridiculous items.

I've been rereading "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn", for like the 840983290483920th time. This time I'm just reading my favorite parts though. What are you all reading? I'd like to read that book by Barbara Kingsolver about utilizing locally-grown food. But at the same time, I have a huge craving for tuna casserole with potato chip crumbs on top. I haven't had that in years.

Finally, I've decided to root for the Rockies even though they have no hope. My dad says they have never won. Plus I heard this remarkable commentary by Chuck Colson that solidified my choice. (Which is interesting because I rarely agree with anything this man has to say.) He talked about the character of this organization and their amazing hiring practices that truly looks for people who will support the virutes that this team/corporation has adopted and adhered to. Who woulda thunk it... character actually counts and pays off! (BTW.. CC is a life-long Boston Red Sox fan). I hope CC has hired some body guards.

Monday, October 01, 2007

the magic number....

i am sick
i am sick
i will be at home this afternoon
taking a half day off of work
i am sick
i am sick
i told you that I am sick.
Freaking a, i ate a whole roll of ritz crackers
freaking j, i bought a box of ritz crackers

at least the magic number is zero!!! Go cubbies! My family got together to toast their win. It was quite sweet.

sometimes my clients come up to me and say, "teacher, johnny said the "q" word. and i have to think... what the freak is the q word????".