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"You will seek me, & find me when you seek me w/ all your heart," God says. But that is not the whole story. I'm not just a searcher. I'm also a hider. You too. We have to come face-to-face w/ our tendency to hide, to get lost. ~John Ortberg, Love Beyond Reason

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My 1st Twitter Chat

I had a fun, but frustrating time at the Intuitive Eating (#ended) twitter chat yesterday. I could read what the participants were saying, but everytime I added my 2cents, those thoughts were not posted. I don't know what I did wrong. Help?

Anyway, Evelyn Tribole, co-author of the groundbreaking "Intuitive Eating," was the featured guest.

She shared that she is working on the third edition of "Intuitive Eating:, and it should be available by the end of 2011.

Two other tidbits:
Three Intuitive Eating obstacles are: Distraction, self-care, & body-appreciation.
"Self-Care means: Setting Boundaries. Getting enough sleep. Saying no."

Do you feel the love? For yourself? For your physical body?

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