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"You will seek me, & find me when you seek me w/ all your heart," God says. But that is not the whole story. I'm not just a searcher. I'm also a hider. You too. We have to come face-to-face w/ our tendency to hide, to get lost. ~John Ortberg, Love Beyond Reason

Monday, January 17, 2011

Only Kindness Matters... (when it comes to change)

I have that lyric of Jewel's in my head this evening.

I watch so many weight-loss reality shows. I don't know why. (This evening it was A&E's HEAVY.)

I see their anguish -mental and physical. I see trainers yelling at them to change. Threatening them that they will die. But when you are so lost in the midst of your pain... when you are buried in self-deprecation... death as a consequence is a not a motivation to change. For some, it seems like a viable solution.

When it comes to change...
only kindness matters.

Kindness always.

Your old habits and pathways are not made new by lecture, criticism, nor threats.
They are not made new by physical torture nor vitamins.

Your soul has to change.
The soul responds to kindness.
The soul responds to love and deity.

The soul cries out for Her Creator.
And the creator is about kindness.


  • At 4:31 AM, February 06, 2011, Anonymous Southerngal45 said…

    I absolutely agree with your post. Those who struggle with weight issues feel badly enough about themselves without being shouted at and degraded. Great blog!


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