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"You will seek me, & find me when you seek me w/ all your heart," God says. But that is not the whole story. I'm not just a searcher. I'm also a hider. You too. We have to come face-to-face w/ our tendency to hide, to get lost. ~John Ortberg, Love Beyond Reason

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

To all you nay-sayers

This information to all you nay-sayers that scold me for never wearing a coat....

Quick tips to help you avoid catching a cold:

Contrary to what your mother told you, wearing your hat and buttoning your jacket when you go outside won't help you avoid catching a cold.

Keeping your house clean and washing your hands frequently, however, will! Minimizing dust and dirt that you track indoors will help keep your home germ-free, and washing or sanitizing your hands and clothing after being in a public or crowded area (particularly if you are around people who are ill) is the best way to avoid catching a cold.

I cleaned my kitchen today, so there.

Update: just bought gorgeous coat from Ann Taylor;
makes me feel like a lady;
I might actually wear this one!!!


  • At 11:57 PM, December 19, 2006, Blogger nyukers said…

    I think it's easy to stay healthy when not at work.
    I use a ton of purell and anti-bacterial lotion at work and that seems to be helping me stay healthy as well.

  • At 9:49 AM, December 21, 2006, Blogger Helper Lady said…

    A friend of ours who lives in Africa says she believes drinking plenty of water is also a huge health additive, so to speak. Generally speaking, just being "normally clean" and careful will go a long ways. When we get out of balance, we open ourselves to trouble.
    PS Merry Christmas! When are you coming this way?


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