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"You will seek me, & find me when you seek me w/ all your heart," God says. But that is not the whole story. I'm not just a searcher. I'm also a hider. You too. We have to come face-to-face w/ our tendency to hide, to get lost. ~John Ortberg, Love Beyond Reason

Monday, September 04, 2006

Waiting on God

Excerpts from Janet Folger's book

Here's what I know:
God has a mission for you.
Yes, you.
He has an assignment-a plan of action-for you right now.
He wants you off of the sidelines and into the game.

But Satan doesn't.
It's that simple. We're in this spiritual war, &
Satan will use anything he can to keep us from God's perfect plan.

He'll hit us when we're down:

"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms" (Ephesians 6:12)

And although Satan knows that God has everything under control, with an exciting and perfect plan for your life-with perfect timing (believe it or not)-he's gonna tell you otherwise. Satan's a liar, after all -that's what he does.

And I believe that his favorite targets are those who could very well be the most effective members of God's kingdom: single people.

Satan is going to tell you that while God is taking care of everyone else-including all your friends who are getting married- He has somehow forgotten about you.

It's a lie.

You're alone now -like me- because God has something He wants you to do. Something so critically important to His mission that Satan has to come up with a way to stop it.

Make no mistake: Satan will pull out every stop to prevent what he knows you could do for the kingdom of God. I'm talking about the big guns here-the rocket launchers designed to debilitate even the most faithful soldiers in God's army:

*"You're all alone....."
*"God has forgotten you....."
*"He has abandoned you......"
*"You're a failure....."
*"A loser....."
*"Nobody wants you, and maybe nobody ever will....."
*"Look around you -everyone else is happy except for you....."
*"See those babies? Cute huh? Take a good look,
because you'll probably never have any....."

Does any of that sound familiar?

Pretty harsh stuff, but remember-this is war. All's fair in love and war-and this one is both. If you couldn't be used so mightily, Satan wouldn't have to go after you so fiercely. The trouble is, when you're under attack, all those lies sound true-absolutely convincing and seemingly irrefutable.

What do you do to combat these lies and replace them with truth?
I am journaling, reading the Word, praying, reading other books such as The Search for Significance, etc.

I've heard that Nancy Lee DeMoss wrote a good book called "The Lies Women Believe: and the Truth That Sets Them Free".


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