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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My lack of feminism.....

My cousin Michelle is taking a woman's studies class. They are talking a lot about feminism and they're required to do a class project. She wanted input/letters/ideas from some of the female members of our family about their ideas/thoughts regarding feminism.

-What is your definition of feminism? -As a Christian do you think that your ideas about feminism differ from
society's definition of feminism? -Do you consider yourself to be a feminist? Why or why not? -Do you think that some of the powerful women in our society (ie Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Condolezza Rice, etc.) are positive, or negative, feminist role models? -Who are some of your female role models (living or deceased), & why?
-Was there ever a time when you felt discriminated against
because you are a woman? -Who is your favorite female from the bible?

I'm not a feminist. I think that if all possible women should stay home, and men should work. I think that women make horrible leaders, and I'd much rather work for a man. Women in leadership tend to have something to prove and are very deceiving and conniving. Basically, they are back-stabbers. The only case where this wasn't true was my first post-college employer, & she was a lesbian. So perhaps I should say that heterosexual women should stay out of leadership positions. They have such little self-esteem they feel as if they must be overbearing and in control, and micromanage every single situation. There is no empowerment given to employees whatsoever. It's all about kissing up to her boss, and making sure she is looking good, with little regard for her employee's job satisfaction and security. Employee morale is frequently not a concern for these individuals.

I don't have a definition of feminism, but it has negative connotations for me.

As a Christian, my ideas should be Bible-based, but admittedly, they are not. They are just based on personal work experiences as well as the experiences of my colleagues and friends.

I think Oprah Winfrey, despite negative press, is a wonderful role model for empowerment and achieving goals. I have been personally inspired by her struggles and victories regarding body image and compulsive eating issues.

Hillary Rodham Clinton makes me want to vomit. She is so overbearing, and thinks in a very white-and-black way, meaning there is no alternative way to think besides her own. See my above comments about women in leadership. Of course she is very "BLUE" politically, and I am very "PURPLE". You know what... I concede... She is a positive role model for liberals... However is she really? Or is she sliding in on her husband's political coat tails? She had to put up with a lot of garbage for a lot of years.... Ugh, I don't know... I am undecided.

I think Condolezza Rice is an additional positive model. We talk about her in my 4th grade classroom. She has made tremendous gains throughout her political career, and keeps setting her sights even further. Both Bushes have placed a lot of trust in her. She is totally admirable. She has accomplished much more than many other political African-Americans, or women in general.

Some of my female role models include Oprah Winfrey=see above

My mother =she gave up her job so that she could take care of us full-time, and then later BECAUSE SHE WANTED TO, not out of need....Went back into the job force to restart her career. She made choices that were best for her, not based on society's expectations. Society told her to work full time. Her friends made it clear, that she didn't need to work, so why do that? They even pulled God into the equation, saying that staying home full-time (even though my brother and I were teenagers) was what God wanted her to do! Disgusting!!

The only time I felt discriminated against because I was a woman is when I go buy a car. Thankfully Dad goes with. This is so I don't lose control and scream at them, as I have a tendency in doing. (teehee)

Who is your favorite female from the bible?
-Mary Magdalene (closest woman-friend of Jesus)
-Esther (willing to give up her life for her race, showing courage)
-Mary (mother of Jesus, faced lots of sadness and ridicule, doesn't get enough positive press in the Protestant church)
-Deborah the Judge

growing up female..........
well there were certainly separate "female" and "male" roles in our family. But it wasn't really a negative thing, it was really joked about actually. Women didn't drive into the city. Women did not mow the lawn. (I had to beg my father to let me try it for just 5 seconds.) Beyond that... Not really.

UPDATE...ok since posting, I've dialogued with a highly-respected peer of mine, and have come to this conclusion: She says that she doesn't think that makes me a non-feminist. She thinks that traditionally, feminists made a huge mistake by saying essentially "we are men." Which is not really pro-female, but anti-female. She think that now, feminism is going more towards -- that we are NOT men, and we shouldn't have to be men, but that our voices, experiences, and wisdom should be given proper place AS IT IS.

I can agree with that. Just don't put me in the same corner as Betty Friedan or Hillary Rodham or any of my other former female employers. Perhaps these individuals are really anti-feminism.... If you can't be valued for who you are naturally, then you aren't being valued.

Here are my answers. I expect you to disagree with them. That's okay. But I won't be defending them. So if you want to debate, fine, but I'm not even going to go there. I'd love for you to respond to the above questions as well.


  • At 11:58 AM, August 03, 2006, Blogger Posh Lady said…

    I agree with Wayne Grudem on a lot of is one more -

    "Evangelical Feminism and Biblical Truth: An Analysis of More Than 100 Disputed Questions" (Paperback)Egalitarians, or evangelical feminists, consider men's and women's roles in the home and church to be interchangeable. In this helpful book, Bible scholar Wayne Grudem considers over a hundred egalitarian arguments and finds them contrary to the Bible. According to Grudem, the Bible teaches that God values men and women equally. However, their roles in home and church are complementary to each other, not interchangeable. Arguing against both feminism on the left and male chauvinism on the right, his carefully researched handbook is a valuable resource defending the complementarian viewpoint.

  • At 5:30 PM, August 03, 2006, Blogger nyukers said…

    Ok--I couldn't help myself--but then again you knew I woud respond--since I always do.

    Feminism to me holds the same negative connotations it does for you.
    I like the word femininity so much better--I think it celebrates women so much more.

    At the same time--I'm not sure I'm ready to glorify being a woman and have to relish doing my hair and my nails and the like and so many women put emphasis on that it makes me absolutely crazy. Men do it to. I've read so many personal ads where they are looking for a girl who's feminine--oops definitely not me.

    I'm not going to touch the Christian aspect.

    I like Hilary Rodham Clinton as a senator. AS a wife I think she did the world a huge disservice standing by her man. I also like Diane Feinstein and used to love Christie Todd Whitman(pre-Bush).

    I have problems with Condi Rice--but mostly because I like Madeleine(sp?) Albright in that job better.

    Oprah to me sets women back years with all her whining--get over it, move on, quit dwelling on things( I know we're not debating--just stating my opinion).

    My Grandma Babe is my role model. She went to work for a printing press during WWII--kind of a rosie the riveter and stayed there until she retired. She had 3 kids out of wedlock and married my grandpa later. She lived life the way she wanted.

    I felt discriminated when I went to buy a computer once--none of the sales clerks would talk to me--as soon as my mom showed up-I think they thought she had the money--they all swarmed her--I loudly said--Mom --we're not dealing with any of them--I called for a manager and got a different sales clerk to help me--one that didn't ignore me. When I bought my car--my dad went with me--but the guy only talked to me--it was cool!!!!!!!!!!!

    My favorite female in the bible is Sarah--abraham's wife.


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